How to Evolve Riolu: A Comprehensive Guide to Transforming the Fighting/Steel Pokémon

how to evolve riolu

In the vast world of Pokémon, Riolu stands as a formidable Fighting/Steel-type Pokémon with immense potential. Its evolution into the powerful Lucario is a highly sought-after goal for many trainers. However, evolving Riolu requires a specific set of conditions and strategies.

This comprehensive guide will delve into the various methods of evolving Riolu, providing insights into the intricacies of its evolution and the remarkable abilities it gains upon transformation.

From understanding the role of leveling and happiness to exploring the benefits of using a Dawn Stone, this guide covers all aspects of Riolu’s evolution. We will also examine the impact of evolution on Lucario’s abilities and moves, providing training strategies tailored for the evolved Pokémon.

Additionally, we will delve into Lucario’s role in competitive play and its legacy beyond the Pokémon franchise.

Riolu’s Evolution

how to evolve riolu

Riolu, the Fighting-type Pokémon, evolves into Lucario, a powerful Fighting/Steel-type Pokémon. The evolution process requires a combination of leveling and happiness.


Riolu must reach level 25 or higher to evolve into Lucario. Leveling up can be achieved through battles, using Exp. Candies, or participating in other activities that grant experience points.


In addition to leveling up, Riolu must also have high happiness to evolve. Happiness can be increased by:

  • Battling with Riolu in your party
  • Using a Soothe Bell on Riolu
  • Feeding Riolu Berries or other items that it enjoys
  • Walking with Riolu in your party

Friendship and Daytime Evolution

how to evolve riolu

Riolu’s evolution to Lucario involves two key factors: friendship and daytime. Friendship refers to the bond between Riolu and its trainer. The higher the friendship, the more likely Riolu will evolve into Lucario.

To build friendship with Riolu, engage in regular activities such as battles, training, and feeding. Avoiding harsh treatment and ensuring Riolu’s happiness also contributes to friendship growth.

Daytime Evolution

Daytime evolution requires Riolu to have high friendship and level up during the daytime (in-game time). The specific time range varies depending on the game version. When these conditions are met, Riolu will evolve into Lucario.

Dawn Stone Evolution

The Dawn Stone is a special evolution item in the Pokemon series that can be used to evolve Riolu into Lucario. Using a Dawn Stone to evolve Riolu offers several benefits compared to leveling up or increasing happiness.

Unlike leveling up or increasing happiness, using a Dawn Stone is a guaranteed method of evolving Riolu into Lucario. It eliminates the uncertainty and time-consuming process of leveling up or building up friendship, making it a more convenient and reliable option.

Conditions and Requirements

  • To use a Dawn Stone on Riolu, it must be at least level 20 or above.
  • The Dawn Stone must be in the player’s inventory.
  • Riolu must be selected as the active Pokemon in the party.

Once these conditions are met, the player can use the Dawn Stone on Riolu by selecting it from the inventory and choosing to use it on Riolu. The evolution process will then take place, resulting in Riolu evolving into Lucario.

Advantages and Disadvantages

Using a Dawn Stone to evolve Riolu has several advantages over leveling up or increasing happiness:

  • Guaranteed evolution: Using a Dawn Stone guarantees that Riolu will evolve into Lucario, regardless of its level or happiness.
  • Time-saving: Using a Dawn Stone is a quick and efficient way to evolve Riolu, eliminating the need to spend time leveling up or building up friendship.

However, there are also some disadvantages to using a Dawn Stone:

  • Limited availability: Dawn Stones are relatively rare items in the Pokemon games, and obtaining one can be challenging.
  • No stat bonuses: Unlike leveling up or increasing happiness, using a Dawn Stone does not provide any additional stat bonuses to Lucario.

Ultimately, the choice of whether to use a Dawn Stone to evolve Riolu depends on the player’s individual preferences and circumstances. If the player values convenience and certainty, using a Dawn Stone is a reliable option. However, if the player is looking for a more traditional and potentially rewarding evolution experience, leveling up or increasing happiness may be a better choice.

Lucario’s Abilities and Moves

how to evolve riolu

Lucario’s evolution into a powerful aura-wielding Pokémon grants it enhanced abilities and an expanded move pool. This transformation significantly boosts its battle capabilities, making it a formidable opponent.

The table below compares Lucario’s abilities and moves before and after evolution:

Ability Riolu Lucario
Justified Yes Yes
Steadfast Yes No
Inner Focus No Yes
Move Riolu Lucario
Aura Sphere No Yes
Close Combat No Yes
Dragon Pulse No Yes

Upon evolving into Lucario, it gains the new ability Inner Focus, which prevents flinching. This ability enhances its resilience in battle, allowing it to remain focused even under intense pressure.

Lucario also learns powerful new moves such as Aura Sphere, Close Combat, and Dragon Pulse. Aura Sphere is a powerful Fighting-type special move that deals significant damage, while Close Combat is a devastating Fighting-type physical move that sacrifices some defense for increased attack power.

Dragon Pulse is a versatile Dragon-type special move that can be used to cover Lucario’s weakness to Dragon-type attacks.

These new abilities and moves significantly enhance Lucario’s battle capabilities, making it a versatile and formidable Pokémon. Its ability to control aura gives it an edge in close combat, while its expanded move pool allows it to adapt to various battle situations.

Training Strategies for Evolved Lucario

Upon evolving into Lucario, it is crucial to refine your training strategies to optimize its potential. Lucario’s exceptional versatility demands a well-rounded approach, emphasizing its unique abilities and stat distribution.

Optimal Movesets

Lucario’s diverse movepool allows for numerous effective combinations. A recommended moveset includes Aura Sphere, Extreme Speed, Close Combat, and Iron Tail. Aura Sphere is Lucario’s signature move, boosted by its Fighting and Steel typing. Extreme Speed provides a powerful and swift priority move.

Close Combat deals massive damage at the cost of recoil, while Iron Tail offers excellent coverage against Fairy-type opponents.

Stat Distribution

Lucario’s stat distribution favors Attack, Special Attack, and Speed. Distribute effort values accordingly, focusing on maximizing its offensive capabilities. Consider investing in Speed to outpace opponents and land crucial priority moves. Alternatively, you can enhance its bulk by allocating effort values to Defense or Special Defense, depending on the team’s composition and potential threats.

Effective Utilization of Abilities

Lucario possesses two abilities: Justified and Steadfast. Justified boosts its Attack stat when hit by a Dark-type move, making it a potent counter to Dark-type attackers. Steadfast increases Lucario’s Speed when flinched, allowing it to recover from status effects and gain a tactical advantage.

In battle, anticipate opponents’ moves and strategically switch in Lucario to capitalize on Justified. Protect it from Dark-type attacks to preserve its Attack stat. Utilize Steadfast to outspeed opponents after being flinched, enabling it to land devastating blows.

Lucario’s Role in Competitive Play

Lucario is a popular choice in competitive Pokemon battles due to its versatile movepool, high attack stat, and access to powerful abilities. Its Steel/Fighting-type combination provides it with a unique set of resistances and offensive capabilities.

Lucario’s strengths lie in its ability to deal heavy damage with physical attacks such as Close Combat and Extreme Speed. It also has access to support moves like Protect and Heal Pulse, making it a valuable team member in both offensive and defensive roles.


Lucario’s main weakness is its susceptibility to Ground-type attacks, which deal quadruple damage. It also has a lower-than-average Special Defense stat, making it vulnerable to special attackers.

Potential Strategies

Lucario can be used effectively in a variety of strategies. It can be paired with a Pokemon that can provide Ground-type coverage, such as Landorus or Garchomp. It can also be used as a lead Pokemon to scout the opponent’s team and set up Stealth Rocks.

Successful Competitive Teams

Lucario has been used on several successful competitive teams. In the 2022 Pokemon World Championships, Lucario was a key member of the winning team, which also featured Zacian, Calyrex-Shadow, Landorus, Incineroar, and Whimsicott.

Riolu and Lucario in the Pokemon Anime and Games

Riolu and Lucario are popular Pokemon that have featured prominently in both the Pokemon anime series and the video games. They are known for their fighting abilities and their close bond with their trainers.

In the anime, Riolu first appeared in the episode “The Rise of Darkrai”. It was a young Riolu that had been separated from its trainer. Ash and his friends helped Riolu find its trainer, and it later evolved into Lucario.

Lucario has since become a recurring character in the anime, appearing in several episodes and movies.

In the games, Riolu is a Fighting-type Pokemon that evolves into Lucario when it reaches a high enough level with high friendship. Lucario is a powerful Pokemon with a wide range of moves, including Aura Sphere, Close Combat, and Extreme Speed.

Trivia and Interesting Facts

  • Riolu is based on the Chinese martial art Wushu.
  • Lucario is based on the Egyptian god Anubis.
  • Riolu and Lucario are the only Pokemon that can learn the move Aura Sphere.
  • Lucario is the signature Pokemon of Riley, a character in the Pokemon games and anime.
  • Lucario is one of the most popular Pokemon among fans.

Lucario’s Legacy and Cultural Impact

Lucario has gained immense popularity beyond the Pokemon franchise, becoming a beloved character among fans of all ages. Its unique design, powerful abilities, and intriguing backstory have resonated with audiences worldwide.Lucario has made notable appearances in various Pokemon movies, including “Lucario and the Mystery of Mew” and “Pokemon the Movie: Lucario and the Aura of Fate.”

These films showcase Lucario’s unwavering loyalty, determination, and the special bond it forms with its human companions.The character has also been featured in numerous merchandise items, such as plush toys, figurines, and clothing. Its iconic appearance and memorable personality have made it a sought-after collectible among Pokemon enthusiasts.Lucario’s

impact on the Pokemon community is evident in its frequent appearances in spin-off games, such as “Pokemon Mystery Dungeon” and “Pokemon Super Mystery Dungeon.” Its popularity has led to the creation of fan clubs, websites, and online forums dedicated to discussing the character’s lore and gameplay strategies.

Appearances in Other Media

Lucario’s popularity has extended beyond Pokemon-specific media. It has appeared in other video games, including “Super Smash Bros. Brawl” and “Pokken Tournament.” Its inclusion in these games has further solidified its status as a recognizable and beloved character in the gaming community.In

addition, Lucario has made cameo appearances in anime series outside the Pokemon franchise, such as “Inazuma Eleven” and “Detective Conan.” These appearances have helped introduce the character to a broader audience, increasing its visibility and appeal.

Enduring Appeal

Lucario’s enduring appeal lies in its relatable qualities and its embodiment of courage, loyalty, and determination. Its ability to sense emotions and auras makes it a compassionate and understanding companion, while its formidable fighting skills showcase its strength and resilience.The

character’s unique design, which combines canine and humanoid features, has also contributed to its popularity. Lucario’s sleek appearance and piercing blue eyes have made it an instantly recognizable and visually appealing character.Lucario’s legacy is one of enduring popularity and cultural impact.

Its memorable design, powerful abilities, and heartwarming story have resonated with audiences worldwide, making it one of the most beloved and iconic characters in the Pokemon franchise and beyond.

Future Evolutions or Variants

The world of Pokemon is constantly evolving, with new discoveries and evolutions being made all the time. Riolu and Lucario are two popular Pokemon that have captured the hearts of many fans, and there is always speculation about what their future holds.

In this section, we will explore potential future evolutions or variants of Riolu and Lucario, discussing fan theories and community expectations regarding their development.

Mega Evolutions

Mega Evolution is a powerful transformation that certain Pokemon can undergo in battle, granting them increased stats and new abilities. Riolu and Lucario are both eligible for Mega Evolution, and their Mega Evolutions, Mega Riolu and Mega Lucario, are both formidable opponents.

However, it is possible that we could see even more powerful Mega Evolutions of these Pokemon in the future.

Regional Variants

Regional Variants are alternate forms of existing Pokemon that have adapted to different environments. We have already seen several Regional Variants of Riolu and Lucario, such as Hisuian Riolu and Hisuian Lucario. It is possible that we could see even more Regional Variants of these Pokemon in the future, each with their own unique designs and abilities.

New Evolutions

It is also possible that Riolu and Lucario could receive completely new evolutions in the future. This is something that has happened to several other Pokemon in the past, such as Eevee and Pikachu. If Riolu and Lucario were to receive new evolutions, they would likely be even more powerful than their current forms, and they could open up new possibilities for competitive play.

Comprehensive Guide

how to evolve riolu terbaru

Table of Contents

Explore the comprehensive guide to Riolu and Lucario, with easy navigation and detailed insights into each aspect.

  • Evolution
    – Explore the different ways to evolve Riolu into Lucario, including friendship and stone evolution.
  • Abilities and Moves
    – Discover Lucario’s unique abilities and the powerful moves it can learn.
  • Training Strategies
    – Learn effective strategies for training Lucario to maximize its potential.
  • Competitive Play
    – Understand Lucario’s role in competitive Pokemon battles.
  • Anime and Games
    – Explore Riolu and Lucario’s appearances and significance in the Pokemon anime and games.
  • Legacy and Impact
    – Delve into the legacy and cultural impact of Lucario.
  • Future Evolutions or Variants
    – Speculate on potential future evolutions or variants of Riolu and Lucario.

Outcome Summary

how to evolve riolu

Evolving Riolu into Lucario is a journey that requires patience, care, and strategic planning. By following the methods Artikeld in this guide, you can empower your Riolu to reach its full potential and unlock the formidable Lucario. Remember, the bond between trainer and Pokémon is paramount in this evolutionary process.

With dedication and a deep understanding of Riolu’s evolution, you will witness the birth of a true warrior, ready to conquer any challenge that lies ahead.

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