How to Evolve Tandemaus: A Comprehensive Guide to Friendship, Leveling, and Moves

Tandemaus, the adorable two-headed Pokémon, has captured the hearts of many Pokémon enthusiasts. Its unique evolutionary path, which involves a combination of friendship, leveling, and move usage, has sparked curiosity and excitement within the gaming community. In this comprehensive guide, we will delve into the intricacies of Tandemaus’ evolution, providing you with all the necessary knowledge and strategies to successfully evolve your Pokémon into the formidable Maushold.

Tandemaus’ evolution is a journey that requires careful planning and dedication. By understanding the evolution conditions, friendship value, leveling requirements, move usage, and evolution mechanics, you can effectively guide your Tandemaus towards its ultimate form. Along the way, we will explore the different variations of Maushold, the potential outcomes of breeding, and the competitive viability of this intriguing Pokémon.

Evolution Conditions

Tandemaus, the adorable Normal-type Pokémon introduced in Generation IX, has a unique evolution condition that requires a special bond and cooperative effort.

To evolve Tandemaus into Maushold, the following conditions must be met:

Meeting the Conditions

To fulfill the evolution condition, you must level up Tandemaus while it is in a Union Circle with another player. This means that both you and the other player must be connected to the internet and have joined the same Union Circle.

Once Tandemaus levels up while in a Union Circle, it will evolve into Maushold. The form of Maushold that evolves depends on the number of Pokémon in your party, including Tandemaus:

  • If your party has four or more Pokémon, Tandemaus will evolve into a three-headed Maushold.
  • If your party has exactly two Pokémon, including Tandemaus, it will evolve into a two-headed Maushold.

It’s important to note that Tandemaus must level up while it is in the Union Circle. If you level up Tandemaus outside of the Union Circle, it will not evolve.

Friendship Value

Friendship Value plays a significant role in evolving Tandemaus. Tandemaus needs to have high friendship with the Trainer before it can evolve. Friendship Value is a hidden stat that represents how much a Pokémon trusts and likes its Trainer. It can be increased by battling with the Pokémon, giving it items, and camping with it.

Increasing Friendship Value

There are several ways to increase Tandemaus’ Friendship Value effectively:

  • Battle with Tandemaus: Participating in battles with Tandemaus in your party will gradually increase its Friendship Value.
  • Give Tandemaus Items: Giving Tandemaus items such as berries, vitamins, and held items will boost its Friendship Value.
  • Camp with Tandemaus: Setting up a camp and playing with Tandemaus will significantly increase its Friendship Value.
  • Walk with Tandemaus: Walking with Tandemaus in your party will also increase its Friendship Value, but at a slower pace.

Leveling Up

Tandemaus evolves into Maushold at level 25. Leveling up Tandemaus quickly and efficiently can be achieved through various methods:

Auto Battles

Auto Battles allow you to send out your Pokémon to battle other trainers’ Pokémon without active participation. This method is effective for gaining experience while you focus on other tasks.


Participating in Raids provides significant experience rewards, especially if the Raid is successful. Higher-level Raids yield more experience.

Exp. Candies

Using Exp. Candies directly grants experience points to your Pokémon. Rare Candies provide the most experience, while smaller Candies can be combined to achieve the same effect.

Battle Tower

The Battle Tower offers a challenging environment where you can earn experience points by battling and winning against other trainers.

Move Usage

To evolve Tandemaus into Maushold, it must use the move Pop Star at least 10 times.

Pop Star is a Fairy-type move that deals damage to the opponent and has a 10% chance of charming them. Tandemaus can learn Pop Star by leveling up to level 12 or by using a TM.

TM Usage

To teach Tandemaus Pop Star using a TM, follow these steps:

  1. Obtain TM047 Pop Star.
  2. Go to your bag and select the TM.
  3. Select Tandemaus from your party.
  4. Select the “Use TM” option.

Once Tandemaus has used Pop Star 10 times, it will evolve into Maushold at the next level up.

Evolution Mechanics

Tandemaus’ evolution is triggered by a unique combination of specific conditions, which include friendship value, leveling up, and move usage. These factors collectively contribute to the evolution process.

When Tandemaus meets the required conditions, it undergoes a transformation animation. During this animation, Tandemaus’s body elongates, and its tail splits into two. The two halves of the tail then become the legs of a new, larger Tandemaus.

Friendship Value

Tandemaus’ friendship value is a measure of how close it is to its Trainer. This value increases as the Trainer spends time with Tandemaus, battles with it, and gives it items. A high friendship value is necessary for Tandemaus to evolve.

Leveling Up

Tandemaus must also reach a certain level before it can evolve. The required level varies depending on the version of the game. In Pokémon Scarlet and Violet, Tandemaus evolves at level 25.

Move Usage

In addition to friendship value and leveling up, Tandemaus must also use a specific move a certain number of times before it can evolve. The required move is Population Bomb. Tandemaus must use Population Bomb at least 10 times before it can evolve.

Evolutionary Form

Upon meeting certain evolution conditions, Tandemaus evolves into its evolved form, Maushold.

Maushold is a family of mice that share a common body. They are larger and stronger than Tandemaus, and they have access to a wider range of moves.


Maushold has higher stats than Tandemaus in every category except for Speed.

  • HP: 80
  • Attack: 90
  • Defense: 100
  • Special Attack: 80
  • Special Defense: 100
  • Speed: 70


Maushold has the same abilities as Tandemaus: Cheek Pouch and Pickup.


Maushold is a family of four mice that share a common body. The mice are all different colors, and they have different expressions on their faces.

Maushold is larger than Tandemaus, and it has a more muscular build.

Evolution Variations

When Tandemaus evolves into Maushold, it can take on various forms depending on the number of mice in its family. The number of mice in the family is determined by the Friendship Value of the Tandemaus when it levels up.

Two Mice

If the Tandemaus has a Friendship Value of less than 150 when it levels up, it will evolve into a Maushold with two mice. This is the most common form of Maushold.

Three Mice

If the Tandemaus has a Friendship Value between 150 and 200 when it levels up, it will evolve into a Maushold with three mice. This form of Maushold is less common than the two-mouse form.

Four Mice

If the Tandemaus has a Friendship Value of 200 or more when it levels up, it will evolve into a Maushold with four mice. This is the rarest form of Maushold.The number of mice in a Maushold family affects its stats and abilities.

Maushold with more mice have higher stats and can learn more powerful moves.


how to evolve tandemaus terbaru

Breeding Tandemaus can result in obtaining Maushold, its evolved form. To breed Tandemaus, you’ll need two compatible individuals of opposite genders and place them in a Daycare or Picnic.

The resulting egg will hatch into a Tandemaus, which can then be evolved into Maushold by meeting the friendship requirement and leveling up during the day.

Hatching Time

  • 2,560
    – 2,880 steps without an Oval Charm
  • 1,280
    – 1,440 steps with an Oval Charm

Competitive Analysis

Maushold’s unique combination of bulk, support capabilities, and offensive presence makes it a versatile and effective Pokemon in various competitive formats.Maushold’s high HP and Defense stats grant it excellent physical bulk, allowing it to withstand attacks from many physical attackers.

Its access to moves like Protect and Helping Hand further enhances its support capabilities, making it a valuable team player. Additionally, Maushold’s signature move, Population Bomb, deals significant damage and can be boosted by its high Attack stat.


In VGC formats, Maushold is often used as a support Pokemon alongside offensive threats. Its ability to protect teammates with Protect and boost their attacks with Helping Hand makes it a valuable asset. Maushold can also be used as a bulky attacker, taking advantage of its high Attack stat and Population Bomb’s high base power.In

singles formats, Maushold’s bulk and support capabilities make it a solid defensive option. It can set up Stealth Rock, use Taunt to disrupt opponents, or heal itself with Recover. Maushold’s Population Bomb can also be a potent attacking move, especially when boosted by its high Attack stat and Life Orb.


  • High physical bulk
  • Excellent support capabilities with Protect and Helping Hand
  • Powerful signature move in Population Bomb
  • Versatile movepool with options for support, offense, and status


  • Low Speed
  • Vulnerable to special attacks
  • Reliant on Population Bomb for damage output
  • Can be countered by Pokemon with priority moves

Potential Strategies

  • -*Supportive Maushold

    Focus on using Protect and Helping Hand to support teammates. Run moves like Stealth Rock, Taunt, and Recover to enhance the team’s overall performance.

  • -*Offensive Maushold

    Utilize Maushold’s high Attack stat and Population Bomb to deal significant damage. Consider using Life Orb or Choice Scarf to boost its offensive power.

  • -*Hybrid Maushold

    Combine support and offensive capabilities by using moves like Protect, Helping Hand, and Population Bomb. This allows Maushold to adapt to different situations and provide both support and damage.

Community Insights

The gaming community has shared various strategies, tips, and anecdotes related to Tandemaus’ evolution.

These insights provide valuable information for players looking to evolve their Tandemaus effectively.

One popular strategy involves using the move “Helping Hand” to boost the power of Tandemaus’ attacks. This move can be used to quickly increase Tandemaus’ friendship value, making it easier to evolve.

Fan Theories and Debates

There are several fan theories and debates surrounding the evolution process of Tandemaus. Some players believe that Tandemaus can only evolve if it is holding a specific item, while others believe that the evolution is based on a specific time of day.

The most popular fan theory is that Tandemaus can evolve if it is holding the item “Love Stone.” This theory is based on the fact that Tandemaus is a Pokémon that is known for its strong bonds with its partner.

However, there is no official confirmation of this theory.


The evolution of Tandemaus is a testament to the power of friendship and perseverance. By nurturing your bond with your Pokémon, engaging in strategic battles, and mastering the art of move usage, you can witness the transformation of Tandemaus into the formidable Maushold.

Whether you seek competitive dominance or simply the joy of watching your Pokémon grow, this guide will empower you to navigate Tandemaus’ evolutionary path with confidence and success.

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